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Community comes together in Palatine for bike giveaway and safety checks

If you recall the New Testament story of the loaves and fishes, you’d suspect a similar miracle happened in Palatine in early June, only this time involving bicycles and related gear.

Local community groups, led by the Bike Palatine Club and the Palatine Partners for Our Communities (POC), came together for a mini workshop teaching kids the basics of safety checks for their bikes before rolling out for many days of summertime riding.

City must act now to fix dangerous streets for people walking and biking

Over the weekend, more than 300 people took to the streets to honor two young children recently killed by drivers on Chicago’s North Side.

The memorial event — held for Raphael “Rafi” Cardenas and Elizabeth “Lily” Grace Shambrook — was attended by people who were demanding that the city take action to make our streets safe places to walk and bike.

These recent tragedies, combined with the increasing number of people getting killed by drivers while walking and biking in Chicago,

Chicago needs to get on board with dedicated bus lanes 

As the city of Chicago develops a plan for improving its bus service, let’s ensure they’re laying groundwork for what we desperately need: fast and reliable bus service



How often have you had this maddening experience?

You’re on a Chicago bus and running late for an appointment. Thanks to heavy traffic, the bus is creeping along from one backed up traffic light to the next.

Chicago should pair trails vision with plan for safe, connected bikeways on streets

Last week Mayor Lori Lightfoot released a citywide vision of trails and open space projects that she said would promote the health and well-being of all Chicago residents and visitors. 

The new map provides a compelling vision that opens the door to funding many high-impact projects that community leaders have fought for over many years.

But by itself it will not make a meaningful difference in advancing the city’s climate,

Sidewalk snow removal in Chicago should be a city service

The following is a guest blog post by Michael Podgers, an organizer with the local advocacy organization, Better Streets Chicago.


Chicago is experiencing the first balmy days of spring. But as always, winter will return, and it will bring back the many annoyances of falling temperatures, like ice and snow.

For many, these are inconveniences. People may gripe, but they won’t stop daily life.

Winter biking tips to keep you pedaling in the cold and snow

Braving the Chicago winter on a bicycle may seem like a daunting prospect. But there’s no need to hang up your bike when the cold weather arrives.

With proper preparation, some extra gear, and the right attitude, you can navigate the city’s streets on two wheels like a seasoned winter rider.

Here are some tips and tricks for a safe, enjoyable winter biking experience.



Many cyclists often wonder what clothing to wear when biking in the winter.

CTA proposes making fare discounts permanent, but more is needed

Relief funding from the federal government has enabled the Chicago Transit Authority to take some steps that make transit service more accessible and welcoming to people with low incomes.

The biggest change is making its recently piloted discounted passes program permanent.  

While we commend CTA for moving forward with the discounted passes and free transfers in its 2022 budget proposal, we would have liked to see other new initiatives moving forward that would improve service and accessibility. 

Proposed trail to Big Marsh Park picks up steam

In September, Active Trans and several partners hosted a virtual open house to share details about the recently-completed feasibility study exploring a proposed walking and biking trail over Lake Calumet, connecting Pullman to Big Marsh Park.

The area is rich with historic assets and beautiful open space, but today heavy industry cuts off many residents from these destinations.


The preferred trail route is represented by the yellow line on the map below.

A new trail to connect Lake Calumet area

Chicago’s Far South Side is an area rich in historical, cultural, and open space destinations.

From Pullman National Monument to Big Marsh Park and the Ford Calumet Environmental Center, the area has no shortage of popular spots for Chicagoans to visit and enjoy.

Unfortunately, a lack of safe walking and biking connections to these spots makes accessing them difficult for many residents who can’t or don’t drive.

The geography,

Bike Palatine Club joins forces to celebrate National Bike Month

Teamwork is a key ingredient when it comes to encouraging more people to take up biking.

The Bike Palatine Club discovered that firsthand when it collaborated with a variety of community groups to celebrate National Bike Month in May.

Together they organized activities and public displays that promoted the benefits of cycling.

Palatine Mayor Jim Schwantz kicked off the celebration with a proclamation declaring May as National Bike Month in the community at the May 3 Village Council meeting.