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Chicago must advance equity and sustainability with new federal transportation funds

Nov 22, 2021 | by Kyle Whitehead

The Infrastructure Investment in Jobs Act (IIJA) provides a historic opportunity for the Chicago area to move beyond car-centric planning and advance racial and environmental justice through transportation investments. 

Now we need to make sure regional leaders take advantage of this opportunity. We can’t afford to see these funds go to wasteful roadway projects that only worsen the inequity in our regional transportation system. 

This week Active Trans joined a coalition of 12 civic and environmental advocates that is calling for our transportation agencies in the region to develop an inclusive and transparent approach in determining which projects to put forward for newly available federal funds.

Join a virtual town hall on CTA bus electrification

Nov 15, 2021 | by Kyle Whitehead

47th Ward Ald. Matt Martin and 1st Ward Ald. Daniel LaSpata are teaming to host a virtual discussion on Chicago’s progress toward electrifying its bus fleet.

The event, which is open to the public, takes place on Wednesday, November 17 at 7 p.m.

Staff from Chicago Transit Authority will provide an update on the agency’s electrification plans and answer questions from the council members and attendees.

In 2019, the Chicago City Council approved a resolution to support transitioning CTA’s bus fleet to 100 percent electric by 2040.


Take action! Build Back Better Act needed to fix flaws in infrastructure bill 

Nov 15, 2021 | by Kyle Whitehead

Congress passed a historic infrastructure bill that could help get more people walking, biking, and riding transit in the Chicago area, but more action is needed to strengthen the bill’s positive impact on climate- and equity-related concerns. 

Take action asking your members of Congress to support a pro-transit reconciliation bill. 

For more than two years, Active Trans worked with our partners in communities across the region making the case for a sustainable and equitable federal infrastructure bill.  


Philippe Lunardelli reinforces his commitment to Active Trans

Nov 5, 2021 | by Maya Norris

Sustainable transportation has long played an integral role in Philippe Lunardelli’s life. As someone who has regularly walked, biked, and used public transportation his entire life, Lunardelli has experienced for himself how these modes of transportation are crucial to creating healthy, thriving, equitable cities.

That’s why he has deepened his commitment to Active Transportation Alliance, transitioning to a member of the nonprofit’s board of directors, serving as treasurer, and stepping up his financial support — giving him an even better understanding of the intersection between sustainable transportation and equity.

CTA proposes making fare discounts permanent, but more is needed

Nov 5, 2021 | by Active Trans

Relief funding from the federal government has enabled the Chicago Transit Authority to take some steps that make transit service more accessible and welcoming to people with low incomes.

The biggest change is making its recently piloted discounted passes program permanent.  

While we commend CTA for moving forward with the discounted passes and free transfers in its 2022 budget proposal, we would have liked to see other new initiatives moving forward that would improve service and accessibility. 

Ald. La Spata makes sustainable transportation a priority

Oct 28, 2021 | by Maya Norris

As alderman for Chicago’s 1st Ward, Daniel La Spata has only been on the job for two years. But in that short time, he has already made significant strides enhancing sustainable transportation on the Northwest Side.

The longtime community organizer and public policy expert has been pushing for infrastructure and legislation that improves walking, bicycling, and public transit opportunities that not only create safe and accessible sustainable transportation options, but also ultimately enhance the quality of life in the communities he represents.

Suburban advocates demand better walking and biking infrastructure

Oct 25, 2021 | by Maggie Melin Czerwinski

The fight for safer streets for people walking and biking in Chicago’s suburbs has gained strength during the pandemic.

Groups and individuals have been organizing local bike rides and walks, creating petitions to improve traffic safety, launching new websites, forming as non-profits, and building support from elected officials to invest in walking and biking infrastructure.

To recognize their dedication and to help support their ongoing work, Active Trans awarded small stipends to a handful of advocacy groups and communities.

Duct tape and paint transforms walking and biking infrastructure in Peoria

Oct 24, 2021 | by Maya Norris

If you think walking and bicycling infrastructure projects require large capital investments, think again.

In September, the Peoria City and County Health Departments and the Greater Peoria Family YMCA Teen Reach Program transformed a street in downtown Peoria, Ill., into a safe haven for sustainable transportation with some duct tape, paint, and sweat equity as part of the Peoria Complete Streets Pop-Up Demonstration.

The two-day event showcased temporary street treatments that enabled safe,


Chicago needs more safe places to ride bikes and scooters on city streets

Oct 13, 2021 | by Kyle Whitehead

Update (10/14/21): Chicago City Council passed the e-scooter ordinance. The program is expected to launch in Spring 2022.

As Chicago City Council considers an ordinance establishing a long-term e-scooter sharing program, Active Transportation Alliance submitted a letter in support of the ordinance to the Transportation and Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Committees.

Following are excerpts from the letter:

Active Transportation Alliance supports a long-term e-scooter sharing program for Chicago because it would give people another option to get around other than driving or hailing a car.

Proposed trail to Big Marsh Park picks up steam

Oct 8, 2021 | by Active Trans

In September, Active Trans and several partners hosted a virtual open house to share details about the recently-completed feasibility study exploring a proposed walking and biking trail over Lake Calumet, connecting Pullman to Big Marsh Park.

The area is rich with historic assets and beautiful open space, but today heavy industry cuts off many residents from these destinations.


The preferred trail route is represented by the yellow line on the map below.