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A big part of the work we do at the Active Transportation Alliance involves educating the public about our goals of better biking, walking and transit.

We’re a trusted local authority on these issues, and that’s reflected by the media coverage about our campaigns, advocacy work and events.

By getting the word out in local media, we invite more people to understand and support our mission.





Cycling safety concerns: Chicago ranks 161st out of 163 cities in bikeability Roads (Fox 32 Chicago; July 18, 2023)
People for Bikes ranked Chicago near dead last among big cities for bikeability, citing factors like the city’s 30 mph speed limit. While Active Transportation Alliance says that Chicago isn’t as bad of a biking city as this particular study would indicate, it does hope that the new administration will take notice of just how low Chicago ranked and continue to expand Chicago’s network of protected bike lanes.

Illinois Cracks Down on Accidental Terminology, Legally Ditches ‘Accident’ for ‘Crash’ (Country Herald; July 11, 2023)
In a groundbreaking move, Illinois has officially replaced the term “accident” with “crash” in its statutes relating to automobiles, motor vehicles, and traffic incidents. The decision was supported by many organizations, including Active Transportation Alliance.

The South Side Needs Better Bike Infrastructure. These Big Projects Aim To Close ‘Notable Gaps’ (Block Club Chicago; July 6, 2023)
Efforts are underway to create a low-stress network of trails and bike lanes on the South Side, including projects Active Transportation Alliance is advocating for, such as the Major Taylor Trail and Lake Calumet Trail.

Advocates continue to push for trail path extensions (Village Free Press; May 30, 2023)
Active Transportation Alliance hosted a webinar to update residents and other stakeholders about several proposed extensions to the Des Plaines River Trails.

‘Tremendous amount of land’: A reimagined DuSable Lake Shore Drive adds more greenspace (CBS 2 News; March 30, 2023)
Active Transportation Alliance Director of Planning and Technical Assistance David Powe discusses the new vision that the Chicago and Illinois Departments of Transportation came up with to improve the lakefront.

Chicago Transportation Officials Unveil New Bike Lane Strategy (NBC 5 Chicago; March 29, 2023)
Active Transportation Alliance Advocacy Manager Alex Perez worked with the Chicago Department of Transportation to develop the city’s new bike lane plan, which includes 150 additional miles of bike lanes and adding low-stress options like concrete curbs.

Here’s an update on several state bills for safer streets (Streetsblog Chicago; March 8, 2023)
Active Transportation Alliance Communications Director Ted Villaire breaks down the sustainable transportation legislations making their way through the Chicago City Council and Illinois General Assembly.

Mayoral candidates weigh in on transportation at Safe Streets for All forum (Streetsblog Chicago; January 31, 2023)
The Safe Streets for All Coalition, a group of sustainable transportation advocacy organizations, hosted a forum in which Chicago’s mayoral candidates got the chance to share their plans to improve walking, bicycling, and public transit. Active Transportation Alliance is a member of the coalition.

Safe Streets for All coalition pushes for “transit that works,” hopes to influence elections (Streetsblog Chicago; January 10, 2023)
Active Transportation Alliance joined the Safe Streets for All Coalition, which brings together several sustainable transportation groups and amplifies the call for improved safety, transportation equity, affordable housing, and climate action in Chicago.





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