Lakefront trail conditions

If you’re a regular user of the Lakefront Trail, you know how helpful it is to get information about trail conditions and trail-related news highlighting events, activities, and detours.

Follow trail updates via Twitter

On Twitter, people often share trail updates with the hashtag #chiLFT. The Chicago Park District often uses the hashtag #chiLFTAlert.

A Twitter feed sharing both of these hashtags is available at @ChicagoLFT. You can also see Twitter posts with those two hashtags from the past 7 days on this webpage.  (Thanks to Daniel Streicher for setting up both of those feeds.)


Share your trail reports 

In order to keep this information as useful as possible for trail users, everyone is invited to use the Twitter #CHILFT hashtag to report specific, objective information about the trail. This could include a variety of trail-related news, including ice on the trail, crashes or other incidents, temporary access issues, traffic, and high waves.