We want walkable communities where people can get active as they get around.

While Chicago consistently rates well compared to its peers throughout the world, pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs are all-too-common.

Working with community partners, policymakers, and local residents, Active Transportation Alliance advocates for a range of policies designed to enhance the region’s walkability and reduce pedestrians getting hit, injured, and killed by drivers. We push for increased education, enforcement of existing laws, and legislative changes that will make streets safer.

Above all, we know that design and infrastructure improvements are the key to making our streets safe and welcoming for people on foot and people using wheelchairs.



Walking Campaigns

We're working in communities throughout the region to make streets and intersections safer for people walking.

Chicago Leadership Network

  What is the Chicago Leadership Network? Walkable communities, high quality bike lanes and a strong public transportation system: These are not pipe...

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Vision Zero

WHAT Vision Zero is an international traffic safety movement guided by the principle that no loss of life on our streets is acceptable....

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Our Lakefront

WHAT Active Trans' Our Lakefront campaign aims to make walking and cycling safer and more convenient along our lakefront while increasing access to...

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Bike Walk Every Town

What is Bike Walk Every Town? Walkable communities, high quality bike lanes and easy-to-use public transportation: These are not pipe dreams, but attainable goals...

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Trail Connect Chicagoland

The Chicago area provides opportunities to enjoy more than 1,100 miles of trails that crisscross the region. Not only are these trails fabulous recreational assets,...

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Chicago River Trail

The idea of a river trail is not a new one. At least as far back as Daniel Burnham’s 1909 Plan for Chicago,...

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