Did You Know?

Bus riders account for more than 20 percent of people using Lake Shore Drive every day while taking up a fraction of the space that cars do.

Youth scholarships available for car-free bike ride

The ninth annual MB Financial Bank Bike the Drive is May 30, 2010 and the Active Transportation Alliance is offering scholarships for 200 outstanding youth group and youth organization members to participate in the event.

MB Financial Bank Bike the Drive provides hours of uninterrupted, leisurely, car-free biking on the entire 15 miles of Chicago’s famous Lake Shore Drive. This scholarship allows you to kick off your Chicago summer in style. Visit to learn more about this exciting event.

Anyone, age 17 or under, with a demonstrated passion for biking as an energy-efficient, economical, nonpolluting form of transportation and who enjoys a good spin around the neighborhood on their bike, should apply for this scholarship.

Applicants must write a one-page letter explaining why they believe they deserve the scholarship. The letter should demonstrate participation in previous cycling events and/or extra-curricular activities as well as how you plan on becoming active in the Chicagoland cycling community.

Groups may submit their applications together. Groups can include either 8 youths and 2 adults or 16 youths and 4 adults.

All applications must be submitted by Wednesday, May 12, 2010. The recipients of the scholarship will be notified by Friday, May 21, 2010.

Please submit all applications to Events/Marketing Intern, Cory Miller, at