Did You Know?

Only 24 percent of jobs in the region are accessible by transit in 90 minutes or less by a typical resident — and that number drops to 12 percent in the suburbs.

Windy, Windy, Windy

Today is a very windy day.  Did it deter me from riding my bicycle to work?  No.  Did it make it fun?  No.  I rode anyway, because I feel it is important on several levels.  First of all, I need to ride for my health.  I burn many more calories and get my heart rate up (especially on a windy day) than when I take the train.  Secondly, its faster.  When I got a call today that my wife locked her keys where she couldn't get them at work, I was quickly able to get to her with an extra set. 

I did this all toting a full sized cooler on the front of my rack attached with two bungee cords.  Part of the fun of the effort was the many people who asked if I was carrying cold beer and if they could have one.  If only I was…

It was fun riding up Milwaukee Avenue with the cooler, not only for the remarks, but for the looks.  I know that people often look at bicycles and say that it's impossible to use them for commuting regularly because they have things to carry.  Well, let me tell you that I'm not strong, tall, or athletic and if I can do it, so can most of you.

Now for that cold beer…