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Wheaton bicycle plan close to adoption

The Wheaton City Council will vote in February on adopting the new Wheaton Bicycle Plan. Wheaton city staff and Active Trans presented  the proposed plan to city council on January 23.

/During the past two years Wheaton officials have been gathering input for the plan from various city and county agencies, as well as local residents.

Last week's meeting gave residents and city council members an opportunity to comment and ask questions about the final version of the plan. One resident noted the importance of neighborhood/school connections and another raised questions about motorized bicycles. Overall, the plan was favorably received.

In response to a council inquiry, city staff identified route signage, bicycle route maps and bicycle racks as three of the top priorities set out by the plan.

Active Trans assisted Wheaton with obtaining Congestion and Air Quality Mitigation grants totaling $225,000 for these projects. The city can begin implementing their new plan soon after adoption.

In addition to reading the plan, you can see a video showing the plan presented to the Wheaton City Council.