Did You Know?

Only 11 percent of Chicagoland residents ride transit to work.

Ticketing tots

Ah, baseball: the crack of the bat, the slap of the mit; the peanuts and the dogs, the shout of the ump; your kid getting a crosswalk violation ticket….

Active Trans is setting up a crosswalk sting at the Windy City Thunderbolts' stadium Monday night to ticket the reckless who don't stop for pedestrians…inside the ball park. And by reckless we mean kids running around like their pants are on fire. And by ticket we mean they get a treat if they bring an adult over to our table whom we can tell about Illinois' still unfamiliar must stop law, and pitch them on membership and the upcoming Four-Star Bicycle Tour.

The 'Bolts have issues with kids running—literally—all over its family-friendly confines at Standard Bank Stadium. So we're striping off a crosswalk in the mezzanine walkway and handing out the attached tickets.

The fine for violators? A fine Clif Bar and an Active Trans sticker if they bring an adult to our tent and table, inside the park.

Joining us for the Bike to Work Week after-work event Bike to the 'Bolts is a great way to see the fuzzy side of enforcement in action. RSVP to me,, by Monday 9 a.m. if you'd like to go!