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The Chicago region’s current hub-and-spoke transit system leaves nearly half a million Cook County residents stranded in transit deserts.

The "Taste" of Bikes on Metra, Bittersweet With a Hint of Melancholy

As the Education Specialist here at Active Trans it's my job to educate people in the Northeastern Illinois region on how to use their bikes more effectively and how to take advantage of programs like Bikes on Metra. Imagine my chagrin and slight embarassment when, as I tried to board an outbound Milwaukee District Metra line this morning I was politely reminded by the conductor that no bikes were allowed.

But I'm reverse commuting I pleaded, sure that I had the higher ground. Sorry, no bikes on trains during the Taste of Chicago the conductor responded. Wanh-wanh-wanh-waaaaah. Let that be a lesson to me to mark these dates in my calendar. And as a favor to our members etc., we'll put those dates in our on line calendar as well for your benefit. That's just part of my job, making mistakes, so you don't have to!

Check out our calendar, where we have the blackout dates listed.