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The Chicago Pedestrian Plan wants your big ideas

Throughout the summer, the Chicago Department of Transportation has been holding a series of meetings asking residents how to make walking in the city easier and more enjoyable.

src= input will be used for crafting a Chicago Pedestrian Plan, which aims to make Chicago a place where more people want to walk.

At the meetings, participants have been asked to share their “big ideas.” A number of these ideas have been posted online.

One suggested putting signs with street names at eye level for pedestrians. Many of the ideas called for better enforcement of the Must Stop for Pedestrians law.

One person stated “No street needs to be without trees,” and another proposed adding benches as pedestrian resting places and spots that will allow neighbors to meet.

One person asked to improve walkability around expressways to help connect neighborhoods. Another suggested adding more footbridges over the Chicago River.

Read this great collection of ideas and then share your own big idea at the Chicago Pedestrian Plan meeting tonight at Truman College at 6 p.m. in Uptown. If you miss this meeting, there will be another event on August 24 at the Harold Washington Library. Or you can share your idea online.