Did You Know?

While the Chicago region’s population grew by 18 percent since 1980, the traffic increased by 66 percent in the same period.

The case for open streets grows even stronger

A new study published in the Journal of Urban Health provides us with yet another good reason for cities bankrolling ciclovias.

The study analyzed the costs and participation numbers of four ciclovia events and came up with formulas to calculate direct health benefits, which researchers define as the “amount of money a physically active adult saves in annual direct health and medical costs for preventing chronic diseases.”

Basically, the results of all this smart number-crunching magic showed that programs like open streets (as we know it here in Chicago) are definitely worth the investment. Why? Because they reduce health costs and allow people to live longer, which leads to more economically productive lives.

Thank you Journal of Urban Health for publishing this study. It further builds a comprehensive case that reinforces the return on investment for open streets events. It’s worth every penny!

Thanks to for bringing the article to our attention. Read more about Do Health Benefits Outweigh the Costs of Mass Recreational Programs? An Economic Analysis of Four Ciclovia Programs.