Did You Know?

People walking are five times as likely to be killed by a driver traveling 30 mph as one going 20 mph.

Safety tip: Riding in difficult conditions

Biking in inclement weather can seem tricky and dangerous, but with the right knowledge you can be safe and comfortable.

  • Stormy weather can make cyclists more difficult to see. Be visible with bright, reflective clothing.
  • Equip your bike with a red rear reflector and white front light (it’s the law!).
  • Dress appropriately for chilly temperatures and rain.
  • Install fenders to shield from water.

See chapter 9 in Safe Cycling in Chicago for more tips on riding, dressing and equipping your bike for bad weather.

Check out for more safety tips from the Bicycling Ambassadors, Chicago Dept. of Transportation, and the Illinois Dept. of Transportation Division of Traffic Safety.