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Public transit users take 30 percent more steps and spend roughly eight more minutes walking each day than drivers.

Protected bike lane in Evanston announced

Active Trans salutes the City of Evanston for announcing plans to install a protected bike lane on Church Street this summer.

The protected bike lane will separate bike traffic from motor traffic using pavement markings, upright lane separators and parking reconfigurations. This provides for a safer cycling experience since cyclists will not be traveling alongside vehicles.

“We are thrilled with Church street's planned bike lane because it will encourage people to bike that may currently be intimidated by the proximity to fast-moving traffic,” said Natalie Watson, an Evanston member of Active Trans and a member of the local advocacy group, Walk 'n' Roll Evanston. “More bicyclists means fewer cars, cleaner air and a friendlier downtown.

Evanston joins a growing list of cities across the country – from New York City to Salt Lake City – that are installing new protected bike lanes, designed with people of all ages and riding abilities in mind.

These communities understand that quality of life improvements such as safer streets and better transportation options are good for local businesses and property values. The City of Chicago has also committed to creating a 100-mile network of protected bike lanes by 2015, and has installed two miles to date.