Did You Know?

Only 11 percent of Chicagoland residents ride transit to work.

Opportunity for writing cyclists…or cycling writers

Aimed at recreational cyclists, “Where to Ride Chicago” will contain 40-50 rides, 3-50 miles long (off-road cycling paths and on-road bicycle lanes). Some rides may be for kids or recreational mountain bikers.

Each description will feature maps generated by riding with a Magellan GPS unit (supplied, along with instructions/support).

You’ll need a good knowledge of cycling around Chicagoland and to be part of a network of cyclists who can give you feedback. Must have writing and photography experience. Although there’s plenty of scope for individual expression, you’ll need to work to a pre-determined format.

You’ll be paid an advance and then a royalty for each book sold.

If interested, see “Employment Opportunities” at and email Joanne Anstee at

Bicycling Australia is a leading publisher of cycling magazines/books. Founders Phil and Catie Latz will visit Chicago Dec. 8-10 to interview potential authors.