Did You Know?

Only 0.7 percent of federal transportation funds are spent on improving pedestrian facilities.

On the Road to Victory – one bike trip at a time

Bike to Work Week is June 13 – 19. Thus far, more than 120 companies have taken the challenge to make their office the greenest and healthiest in Chicagoland by registering for the Bike Commuter Challenge. And after June 19 the true winners will emerge. Battle tested on the region’s roads, the state’s streets, the toughest trails, and the best boulevards around- the true champions will be those that mobilized their office and got the highest percentage of employees to bike to work. These companies are walking the walk (or to be more accurate; pedaling the pedal) about active transportation.

All it takes is one little trip- any portion or all of your commute, one day that week, to make a difference. That one trip could push your team over the top (like a triple OT blocked shot by Derrick Rose) and send you on the bike path to victory. To register your office, or to see if your company is already signed up, go here  The University of Illinois at Chicago already has six departments competing! Whether big (like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois- 4,000 employees) or small (like Spin Doctor Cycle Works- 6 employees), there is a category for your office.

As the mercury climbs up the thermometer ever so slightly each day- I’ve started to notice more and more bike commuters on the streets. Look around on your morning commute and you to will notice them. If you’re a recreational rider- Bike to Work Week is a great time to try biking to work. Now is a great time (before the weather gets any better!) to get your bike tuned up and in gear. I would hate to miss any more clear and sunny days in the saddle because I had waited to get my bike ready.