Did You Know?

Public transit users take 30 percent more steps and spend roughly eight more minutes walking each day than drivers.

Northeast winds

November is here and so are the strong Northeast winds. With those weather conditions comes water on the Lakefront Trail both south of Fullerton and at the Oak Street Bend. While the new pavement at the Oak Street Bend seems to be helping keep some of the water off of the Trail in that location, a significant amount of water still can come onto the Trail south of Fullerton.

Remember that there is a soft surface trail just to the west of the Lakefront Trail (between the LSD off ramp and the Lakefront Trail) that is far enough away from the water so that it receives much less, if any spray from the Lake.

Seasonal rest rooms are now closed along the Lakefront Trail. The Park District has extended the time that these rest rooms are open to the first of November (contractually they are only scheduled to be open through Labor Day). There are still options to use rest rooms along the Trail but you will need to go to a facility that is open during the winter, such as a Park District Field House.

On the North Side, the Field House at Margate Park is a good option (on the west side of LSD between Foster and Lawrence). On the South Side the South Shore Cultural Center is a good spot to stop.