Did You Know?

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Monee kids can walk to school

Every child attending Monee Elementary School is bused. Monee Elementary School was built at the edge of town without sidewalks connecting the subdivision to the school property. A total of 500 feet.

The Illinois Department of Transportation announced the 2009 federal Safe Routes to School slate of funded projects and The Village of Monee was awarded funding for this 500 feet of sidewalk.

Installation of this sidewalk will allow 110 students that are currently bussed to have the option of active transportation, most of which live within a half mile of the school. This sidewalk will also eliminate two bus routes and the emissions that go with them.

Crete-Monee School District 201U and the Village of Monee have been getting the community ready for this day. Last October 450 students, parents, police, and school staff participated in International Walk to School Day. The lack of sidewalks didn’t stop them! They simply closed the street to traffic and walked to school.

I’ve spoken with everyone on the Monee SRTS Team and we can’t wait for the groundbreaking! We are ready for the kids to be active, connect the community, and even shovel in the winter!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the Village of Monee and Crete-Monee 201U! I’m very happy for you!