Did You Know?

About one-third of all work trips in Chicago are comprised of people biking, walking, or riding public transit.

Economic meltdown to spur a "new order?"

Check out this interesting piece that aired on NPR this past Saturday. Some super-smart MIT guy is talking about how to use the economic meltdown to spur a new order in how we do things, using our car-centric culture as an example. It's short and sweet, if you have a few minutes.

It's the second time in a week I've come across this particular stat cited:

The grand total of U.S. automotive fatalities from 1975 to the present, about one and a half million people. Now, the grand total of U.S. fatalities from 1775 to the present in every military conflict we've had is 1.3 million. So in other words, in the last roughly 35 years we've killed more people with cars than we have in more than 300 years of warfare.