Did You Know?

Roughly every three days, one person biking or walking is killed by someone driving a car in the Chicago region.

Crash Support Hotline Volunteers are ready to HELP!

Quick—save this number on your phone: 312.869.4357 (HELP)!

Since mid-July, Active Trans has received over 50 calls from cyclists and pedestrians who have been involved in a crash. To help field this growing number of calls, we now have a group of 20 Crash Support Hotline Volunteers who are trained and ready to help callers navigate the many questions that arise after a crash.

As we concluded our first wave of volunteer training this past Tuesday, it was impressive to watch these volunteers in action, fielding training calls and becoming experts on what to do after a crash. The best part about this volunteer program is that now we have more people out there who are prepared and more people who will have a friend of a friend that knows what to do.

We want this hotline to become obsolete. We want streets to be safe for bicyclists and pedestrians so that no one would ever need to call the Crash Support Hotline. Active Trans will continue to work to achieve this. Until we get where we need to be, we are happy that our Crash Support programs can help people after a crash and connect them with the resources they need.

Active Trans’ mission is to make bicycling, walking and public transit safe, convenient and fun. If you want to help us in this fight, please consider becoming a member.