Did You Know?

While the Chicago region’s population grew by 18 percent since 1980, the traffic increased by 66 percent in the same period.

Congressional Update

After our successful spring Illinois legislative session, the focus has switched to Washington, DC.

Transportation Bill

Last week, the House Transportation Committee released a proposed new surface transportation bill. We are excited that Chairman Oberstar is leading the efforts, and we hope the key parts of the bill improve and strengthen. With a $450 billion price tag, it's more important than ever that we get a transformative bill with clear goals, measurable targets and national objectives for what those dollars should accomplish. Working with our allies at Transportation for America, we will continue our work to ensure that the new surface transportation bill helps us create healthy streets filled with healthy people.

Climate Change Bill

Also last week, the House narrowly approved the American Clean Energy and Security Act. This bill, commonly known as the Climate Change Bill, will help transform our oil-dependent country to move livable and active forms of transportation and living. Many thanks to Reps. Bean, Davis, Gutierrez, Halvorson, Hare, Jackson, Kirk, Lipinski, Quigley, Rush and Schakowsky for voting for the bill.