Did You Know?

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Complete Streets allow older adults greater mobility

Getting around safely on foot is a major concern for older adults. According to one study from the AARP, nearly 50 percent of older adults said that they cannot safely cross main roads close to their homes.

/Gaps in transit service, missing sidewalks and incomplete intersections all limit the mobility of seniors and people with disabilities. The lack of safe street crossings forces many seniors to either leave their communities or live in isolation. Seniors who do not drive report that they make fewer trips to visit family, see friends or go to church.

Complete Streets can improve the mobility of older adults and allow them more opportunities for physical activity, socializing and being active members of their communities. 

Recently, Active Trans spoke about these issues with Bob Gallo, Illinois state director of the AARP. Gallo has been a vocal supporter of Complete Streets policies, and has partnered with Active Trans to push for streets that are safe for everyone.

Also, check out this Active Trans fact sheet (PDF) on how Complete Streets benefit older adults and people with disabilities. 

Photo is by Dan Burden.