Did You Know?

Although people of color make up about one third of the population, they make up 46.1 percent of pedestrian deaths.

Clearing snow is the neighborly thing to do

As you start digging out from the Blizzard of 2011, keep this in mind: The sooner you shovel, the easier it will be. After snow has had time to sit, it gets packed down and it may become icy. Fresh snow tends to be lighter and easier to handle.

While shoveling the snowdrifts from your sidewalk and walkways, we want to say “thanks” for being a good neighbor.

People who rely on sidewalks need a clear space to walk or roll. Snow-covered sidewalks can be a major barrier—particularly for seniors, people with disabilities and children. Uncleared sidewalks may force people to walk in streets and may discourage some people from walking at all.

Learn more about Active Trans’ efforts to encourage snow removal on sidewalks.