Did You Know?

People walking are five times as likely to be killed by a driver traveling 30 mph as one going 20 mph.

Candidate survey results

The Active Transportation Alliance, Trailnet, Trails for Illinois and the League of Illinois Bicyclists distributed a survey to all candidates running for state representative or state senate in Illinois.

The survey inquired about the candidates’ positions on bicycling, walking and transit. We received back 29 candidate surveys.

Here’s a quick overview of the results.

  • Most candidates want to enhance open spaces and trails, and they want to encourage recreational activity in their communities.
  • The majority of candidates favor transportation funding distribution based on objective safety criteria.
  • Although many candidates encourage the lowering of default speed limits to 20 mph, there is concern about the budget and enforcement needs that will result from this change.
  • Most candidates support the Illinois Tollway system using some of its funds to support public transportation. This idea, however, is countered by numerous candidates questioning the effectiveness of the Illinois Tollway system.
  • Candidates are spilt on supporting a modest fuel tax increase, which would begin in 2013. The candidates cite numerous reasons for their hesitation on fuel tax increases, and most often point to timing as their main hesitation. Those in favor of this tax increase would want to use it to support roadway and transit projects with some limitations.
  • Safety and public transit should be key elements of school transportation programs, and keeping this cost-neutral so that schools receive reimbursements is an approach the majority of candidates support.
  • Overall, candidates are in favor of safety and transit enhancement and they understand it these are important factors in building our neighborhoods and communities.

Surveys also went to candidates for the Illinois candidates for the U.S. Congress. Tthe League of Illinois Bicyclists has posted the results of the congressional survey. The primary elections in Illinois are being held on March 20.