Did You Know?

While the Chicago region’s population grew by 18 percent since 1980, the traffic increased by 66 percent in the same period.

Bus rapid transit proposed for the Jeffery route

This week the CTA held two public meetings to discuss improvements along S. Jeffery Blvd. There was a great turnout of citizens who wanted to know what was in store for their route.

The improvements incorporate elements of bus rapid transit (BRT) like dedicated bus lanes, transit signal prioritization and some station enhancements—all with the hope of improving service and taking some time off the commute. Our own director of campaigns, Lee Crandell was quoted in the Redeye by transit reporter Tracy Swartz.

I took a trip on the current Jeffery Route 14 CTA bus from the loop to the South Chicago area. It’s a great route that definitely gets plenty of riders going to and from work. The mural (link below) is just one of the cool sites along the route in the South Shore area.

But on my way back, it took quite a while to make the trip. Our bus was stuck in some traffic trying to merge left just as we were reaching the loop. Wouldn’t it be great if our buses had their own lanes free of cars?

Learn more about BRT and the Jeffery Corridor here.