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People walking are five times as likely to be killed by a driver traveling 30 mph as one going 20 mph.

Bike Ambassadors close out another stellar season

Active Trans applauds the City of Chicago's Bicycling Ambassadors on another terrific season of bicycle education and outreach.

/The Ambassadors are a team of community outreach specialists who promote Chicago as a world-class cycling city. During the past year, they engaged nearly 63,500 people face-to-face on topics such as proper helmet use, bicycling with family, using the bike lanes properly, sharing the road with motorists and commuting to work.

Among this year's accomplishments, the Ambassadors:

  • Attended 515 events throughout the city
  • Directly educated nearly 63,500 people.
  • Properly fit 1,235 helmets on adult and youth cyclists.
  • Directly educated more than 15,000 people about dangerous cyclist and motorist behaviors at 91 “Share the Road” events
  • Led 27 Lakefront Trail Outreach events at various locations from Hollywood to 71st Street, educating 12,000 people. 
Congrats on another great year! Learn more about the Ambassadors.