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Better biking in Downers Grove

new bike plan in Downers Grove will make it easier and safer for people to bike and walk. 

A few of the improvements outlined in the recently passed plan include: completing the sidewalk network, adding bike racks and creating striped bike lanes. /

The village felt it needed to improve safety since the rate of crashes involving bicyclists is more than 1.5 times the national average.  

The bike club wants to support this plan and help to get it implemented, Bill Chalberg, a member of the Downers Grove Bicycle Club, recently told the Chicago Tribune. It will make Downers (Grove) an even better place to live.

Taking  biking one step further, Village Commissioner Geoff  Neustadt called for the village to explore how to connect its bike path network to those in surrounding areas.

Here's the Tribune article about Downers Grove active transportation plan. 

Oh, and you can read the plan, too.