Did You Know?

Bus riders account for more than 20 percent of people using Lake Shore Drive every day while taking up a fraction of the space that cars do.

Autumn brings more new bikeways all over Chicago

Hold on to your handlebars! City construction crews are rolling out miles of exciting new protected and buffered bike lanes right now, making it safer and easier than ever to bike in Chicago. And we still expect additional projects will start before the 2012 construction season ends, so stay tuned for more updates!


In just the past week, two exciting new bikeway projects have started construction:

31st St. protected bike lane connects to the lakefront
The City has started striping a new protected bike lane on 31st Street that will stretch 1.5 miles from the Lakefront Trail to Wells Street. When completed, this bikeway will provide a safe route connecting Bridgeport, Bronzeville and the 31st Street beach and harbor.

Better bikeways coming to West Side boulevards
A new bikeway is now rolling out along the boulevard system and connecting neighborhoods on the West Side, from Garfield Park to Douglas Park and extending south along the boulevards. This safer bikeway includes 2 miles of protected bike lanes and 1.5 miles of buffered bike lanes.

Check out a map of Chicago's newest bikeways and follow our progress toward 100 miles of protected bike lanes on our Chicago Bikeways Tracker.