Did You Know?

Although people of color make up about one third of the population, they make up 46.1 percent of pedestrian deaths.

Become a better advocate in 2020

Not to brag, but Active Trans is involved in some exciting projects around the region.

If we have the capacity to help and it looks like we can make a difference, we wade into the waters and do what we can.

Whether it’s shepherding legislation through the state assembly or asking suburban municipalities to improve their walking infrastructure, we want to help out by sharing our expertise and resources.

Often, our work focuses on cultivating other advocates — people who want to make their voices heard on behalf of safer, healthier streets.

Recently, we hosted a webinar that was intended to give advocates the low-down on our work during the past year and offer advice on how they can plug into the work in 2020.

Some of the initiatives we went over in the Mobilizing for 2020 Webinar were:

Fair Fares Chicagoland: Our report outlines seven recommendations for fair equity in the Chicagoland region, including fare-capping, free fares for youth, and discounted fares for low-income Chicago residents. Read our report online.

Safer Streets campaign training: This new avenue for fired-up advocates will be launched on Saturday, March 14. Join Active Trans advocacy staff to craft an action plan to build support for safer street design on a high crash street or spoke route. We’ll support you through building your own Safer Street campaign. RSVP today.

Advocacy in the suburbs: In April or May, we will be hosting a suburban summit to train residents on how to win biking, walking, and transit improvements in the suburbs. Stay tuned for updates.

Becoming an Active Trans Ambassador: If you’re someone who’s excited by the prospect of talking to others about the need for improving our walking, biking, and public transit options, you might enjoy serving as an Active Trans Ambassador. Ambassadors represent the organization as volunteers at events in Chicago and the suburbs. Sign up for one of our trainings on the following dates: March 25, May 5, or July 9. 


That’s just a taste of what we covered in the webinar. If you’re someone who wants to learn more about local advocacy, here’s a breakdown of discussion topics with timestamps:

  • [2:30] Suburban and state updates/priorities
  • [13:00] Crash report sneak-peak
  • [17:30] Chicago advocacy update
  • [31:30] Mini-Q&A
  • [40:30] E-scooter policy report
  • [47:10] Ride hailing policy update
  • [50:50] Bus advocacy updates
  • [57:00] Fair Fares report
  • [1:11:00] Upcoming trainings & events
  • [1:19:45] Q & A