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Our advocacy efforts — in partnership with supporters like you — have won new sources of funding for improving walking, biking, and public transit.

We’ve achieved some impressive wins in the past year:

  • A big investment is coming for biking infrastructure in the City of Chicago.
  • Crucial transit projects are likely moving forward thanks to federal infrastructure legislation.
  • Lower income communities that can’t afford walking and biking improvements on their state roads now will have those costs covered.

While there’s plenty to be happy about with these commitments, there are other new funding measures that are likely to go toward the same old car-centric approach to transportation…unless we intervene and make a strong case for people who walk, bike, and use transit.

Will you help to keep this momentum going?

Your contribution will help ensure that the new funding opportunities are targeted at urgently needed street improvements — protected bike lanes, bus-only street space, and life-saving pedestrian infrastructure.

Whether you can give $40, $50, $75, or an even more generous contribution, it’s important for you to act now so that we can make sure the voice for walking, biking, and public transit is heard.

Your contribution will allow us to get going on …

  • Making an strong case for the city to build a network of protected bike lanes in Chicago.
  • Closing trail gaps and fixing dangerous road crossings on suburban trails.
  • Improving transit service in the city and suburbs so that it’s fast and reliable.
  • Setting statewide and regional goals to reduce emissions from transportation by reducing driving and increasing walking, biking, and transit use.
  • Watchdogging the new federal, state, and local transportation funds so they are fair and equitable toward people who use sustainable transportation.

Those are just some of our priorities for the coming year, but enough to show why your support is so urgently needed.

The coming year has the potential to be a turning point for investing in walking, biking, and public transit infrastructure that combats climate change while furthering transportation justice.

Play your part in creating a region that is cleaner, healthier, and more equitable. 

Please consider giving $40, $50, or more now.


Three other ways to give

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2. Your car on its last leg? Consider donating your car to Active Trans. It’s easy to do.  


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