Volunteer Resources

General Volunteer Information:

Download: Volunteer Code of Conduct PDF

Download: Volunteer Waiver-Update to Terms and Conditions PDF


Volunteer Position Descriptions:

Ride Marshal Volunteer

Job Summary: Cyclists experienced in bike repair and in first-aid are needed to patrol the route, assist in changing flats, make minor adjustments to bikes, and help Course Marshals direct the riders. A limited number of Ride Marshals will be chosen based on experience. Ride Marshals must wear helmets and attend an information session before the event.

Download: Ride Marshal Volunteer PDF


Checkpoint Marshal Volunteer

Job Summary: Direct riders through the checkpoints to confirm all riders are registered for the event, adjust checkpoint infrastructure and barricades as necessary, provide checkpoint registration support, and offer encouragement. Bike to your volunteer check-in location if you can, so you can move around the checkpoint area, as needed. If biking, please wear a helmet.

Download: Checkpoint Marshal Volunteer PDF


Course Marshal Volunteer

Job Summary: Direct riders along the course, adjust barricades as necessary, and offer encouragement while enjoying a summer morning on the Lakefront. Course Marshals will be stationed in groups along the entire length of Lake Shore Drive and at the Start/Finish area. Bring your bike and helmet if you are able, so you can go to different locations if needed.

Download: Course Marshal Volunteer PDF


SAG Driver Volunteer

Job Summary: Safe drivers pick up cyclists whose bicycles no longer function. SAG drivers must submit a copy of their driver’s license and proof of car insurance prior to the event.

Download: SAG Driver Volunteer PDF


Rest-Stop Volunteer

Job Summary: Be the most popular person on the Lakefront! Assist with setting up and serving fruit, snacks and water to hungry, thirsty riders. Take responsibility for the food inventory by monitoring portion size while handing out food items and communicating if or when supplies run low.

Download: Rest-Stop Volunteer PDF


Festival Volunteer

Job Summary: Volunteers are needed at several Festival areas, including the registration tent, packet pick-up tent, merchandise tent, breakfast tent, and recycling area. There’s something for everyone.

Download: Festival Volunteer PDF

Download: Volunteer VIP Information PDF

Download: Bike Valet Basics PDF


Outreach Volunteer

Job Summary: Visit businesses, churches and residential buildings along your designated route

Download: Outreach Volunteer PDF


Volunteer Accommodations Team

Job Summary: Mobile volunteer support. Provide water replenishment and snacks to Course Marshals along the route. Volunteer Accommodations Team members are asked to provide their own bike trailer and must wear a helmet

Download: Volunteer Accomidations PDF




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