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Decades of research shows that expanding roads doesn’t provide lasting congestion relief. More lanes means more traffic.

Workshops, Training and Presentations

Workshops, Trainings & Presentations

Active Transportation Alliance offers workshops, trainings and presentations that empower you to be a supporter of active transportation. Learn how active transportation benefits physical health and academic performance, explore ways to advocate for transportation changes in your community, and learn strategies for enhancing bike and pedestrian skills and safety. Fees may apply.

Bicycle Safety Education Courses

Attend a motivating workshop for new or returning bicycle riders of all ages or host a presentation about bicycle and pedestrian safety. Workshop courses can be conducted in groups or one-on-one, and some may be outsourced to partner organizations.

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Bicycle skills courses for children (Bike Rodeo) 

Conduct a bicycle rodeo for a school, class or club! This fun and interactive on-bike skills course teaches children safety tips and bicycle handling skills. Great for ages 7-12, these courses are conducted by trained instructors, but may require your organization to provide 3-4 adult volunteers as support.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Presentations

Host a presentation to teach students and community members about bicycle and pedestrian safety. Presentations are 20 minutes to one hour in length and are appropriate for classrooms, school assemblies, workplaces, churches or community groups.

Bicycle Mechanics 101

Dive into the fascinating subject of how your bicycle works and how to maintain it. Courses will cover fixing a flat tire as well as maintaining your bicycle’s brakes, shifters and chain. Great for a study of simple machinery!

Getting Back on a Bike

Designed for people who haven’t been on a bike in several years, this two-hour course covers how to set up a bike to fit an individual comfortably, how to start and stop safely, how to ride straight and confidently, and how to shift efficiently.

Learn to Ride (at Any Age)

Discover the joy of riding at any age with this on-bike workshop. Students will learn the basics of balance, pedaling, turning and shifting. Workshops can be conducted for children in groups while adult instruction is conducted one-on-one. Mastery of skills typically takes one or two two-hour lessons.

Traffic Skills 101

Learn to be visible and predictable, to ride on roads and through intersections, to ride in groups and to avoid crashes. Traffic Skills 101 covers bicycle safety checks, fixing flats, basic maintenance, essential on-bike handling skills and traffic cycling skills.

Other Available Topics and Services:

  • Helmet fittings
  • Distribution of safety materials
  • Walk and bike to school or work strategies
  • Sharing the road presentations for motorists 
  • Pedestrian trainings

Professional Development Opportunities

Learn how to create a more physically active school environment that will promote healthy bodies and increase academic achievement. Presentations explore ways to live a healthy life by being active, eating well and by being environmentally responsible. Eligible participants may qualify to earn CPDU credits. Contact for more information.