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People walking are five times as likely to be killed by a driver traveling 30 mph as one going 20 mph.

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Here’s more about the work we’re doing right now:

Bikeways for All

  In recent years, bicycling in Chicago has transformed from a fringe activity to a mainstream mode of transportation, opening up the benefits...

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Bike Walk Every Town

What is Bike Walk Every Town? Walkable communities, high quality bike lanes and easy-to-use public transportation: These are not pipe dreams, but attainable goals...

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Our Lakefront

WHAT Active Trans' Our Lakefront campaign aims to make walking and cycling safer and more convenient along our lakefront while increasing access to...

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Chicago Leadership Network

  What is the Chicago Leadership Network? Walkable communities, high quality bike lanes and a strong public transportation system: These are not pipe...

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Trail Connect Chicagoland

The Chicago area provides opportunities to enjoy more than 1,100 miles of trails that crisscross the region. Not only are these trails fabulous recreational assets,...

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Back on the Bus: Speeding Up Chicago’s Buses

A healthy and growing bus system is critical to building a more sustainable transportation network in Chicago. Back on the Bus identifies ways...

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