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Seeking transit rider stories for Fair Fares Chicagoland

May 23, 2019 | by Lynda Lopez

Have you ever faced challenges affording the costs of transit? If so, we want to hear your story. The Active Transportation Alliance recently launched a new campaign to create a discounted fare for low-income transit riders in the Chicagoland region within the Regional Transit Authority. As of 2019, a monthly CTA pass costs $105. If a transit rider makes under $20,000 a year, 6 percent or more of their yearly income would go toward CTA transit costs. To further understand the potential affordability challenges transit riders may face, we will be interviewing riders about their experiences. We plan to release a report on Fair Fares in the fall that will include some of these stories. We are also distributing a...

Lathrop Homes path adds to growing Chicago River Trail

May 13, 2019 | by Steve Simmons

Biking, walking and access to the local bus route is about to get easier at Lathrop Homes with the expected completion of a riverfront path this summer. Lathrop Homes, a housing development north and south of Diversey Avenue along the Chicago River's North Branch, includes a new half-mile long trail that runs alongside the housing development on the east side of the Chicago River. The path ducks under the Diversey bridge and features a decked trail in the river south of Diversey (see below). It's exciting to see another section of the river trail opening soon, moving the city closer to a continuous 27-mile Chicago River Trail. A complete Chicago River trail would promote walking and biking and support healthy...