Suburban Action Week 2021 Recordings

Suburban Action Week 2021 was a huge success featuring 25 short online talks and workshops with advocates, county staff, and community leaders from around the Chicagoland region. The sessions below are divided into three categories: Workshops, Advocacy Talks, and County/Transit Updates. Enjoy the recordings and share with your community!


Workshops – Workshops aimed at increasing your capacity and effectiveness as an advocate.


Advocacy Talks – Get tips and advice on best practices from advocates who have carried out campaigns to improve walking, biking and transit in their communities.

    • Alderwoman Abby Beck, City of Batavia and President Sergio Rodriguez, Village of Summit


County and Transit Updates – Hear about recent and upcoming walking, biking, trail, and transit projects happening in your county.

  • Cook County Bike Plan Update
    • Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways staff: Beth Davis, Planner, Benet Haller, Transit Manager, Tomo Music, Transportation Planner
  • Cook County Transit Plan Update
    • Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways staff: Benet Haller, Transit Manager, Tomo Music, Transportation Planner
  • DuPage County Update
    • Sid Kenyon, Senior Transportation Planner, DuPage County Division of Transportation
  • Kane and Kendall Counties Update
    • Kane County Division of Transportation and Kane/Kendall Council of Mayors staff: Jackie Forbes, Chief of Planning and Programming & Council Director, and Troy Simpson, Regional Planning Liaison/Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator
  • Lake County Update
    • Kevin Carrier, Director of Planning and Programming, Lake County Division of Transportation, and Randy Seebach, Director of Planning and Land Preservation, Lake County Forest Preserves
  • McHenry County Update
    • Emily Daucher, Planning Liaison, McHenry County Council of Mayors and Division of Transportation, and Ryan Peterson, Transportation Planner, McHenry County Division of Transportation
  • Will County Update
    • Cori Crawford, Planning Coordinator, Will County Forest Preserve, and Elaine Bottomley, Director of Transportation, Will County Governmental League
  • Pace Bus Update
    • Maggie Daly Skogsbakken, Pace Chief Communication Officer and Charlotte Obodzinski, Pace Department Manager, Priority Project Management Office