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Active Transportation Alliance statement on Uptown truck-bike crash

For Immediate Release

June 10, 2022


Kyle Whitehead
Managing Director of Public Affairs
Active Transportation Alliance

Active Transportation Alliance statement on Uptown bike crash

Following is a statement from Active Transportation Alliance Executive Director Amy Rynell on Thursday’s truck-bike crash that resulted in the death of a 3-year-old girl

Chicago, IL: This crash is just the latest tragic example that even designated bike routes like Leland are often unsafe and uncomfortable for people biking. City officials clearly need to do more to control car and truck speed and volume on neighborhood routes like Leland.

Neighborhood greenways – or bicycle boulevards as they’re known in other cities – typically feature hard infrastructure to slow down traffic to safe speeds and deter many cars and trucks from using the street altogether. This segment of Leland features only dashed painted bike lanes. Features like concrete curb extensions, bump outs, and raised crosswalks and intersections would transform Leland into a much safer street.

The prevalence of large trucks in serious and fatal bike and pedestrian crashes continues to raise alarm bells. City and state officials and private companies must do more to require sideguards and high-visibility mirrors on all large trucks, and better manage truck volume on local streets.

These issues have been discussed for years in neighborhoods across Chicago, yet little has been done to fix our most dangerous streets and make designated bike routes truly safe and comfortable for all. This patchwork approach of addressing one block here and another few blocks over there is not working. City officials need to fundamentally redesign entire corridors and add life-saving infrastructure that slows down cars and trucks and protects vulnerable people on bikes.

Photo Credit: John Greenfield, Streetsblog Chicago


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