Did You Know?

According to AAA, the monthly cost of owning and operating a sedan is approximately $700 a month.

What's your story?

From our Footprints Coach Mike Erickson:

Everyone’s got a story, and the Footprints Program – we talk to people all the time – proves it. At a Footprints party during Bike to Work Week a Southtown Newspaper photographer gave up his story: how did you become a bicyclist I ask? (How did I know he biked? — I had to ask him.) His answer: I used to pass out behind the wheel, and the State took away my license. It turned out I liked walking everywhere; you get to see so much that you miss behind the glass. Then I met this girl who bikes everywhere. Now I’m with her. We bike. They finally gave me back my license. Who needs it?

Want to read a story book? Read “[…] All Cars”, a young adult fiction novel by Blake Nelson. I love that it starts off with a quote, “Every generation needs a new revolution.” – Thomas Jefferson. It’s about an American teenager who rants about what he calls our unthinking auto-culture and the whole consumer economy thing. Very true, very funny, and you can read it in two days, while stuck in traffic (joking – remember, friends don’t let friends drive much).

Everyone’s got a story, but if you don’t ask you’ll never know. You have to ask for the back story. By the way, what’s your story, Morning Glory?

Give us Footprints Coaches your story, or a call if you’re having any trouble getting around town (too much car, not enough active trans) – we specialize in the south suburbs.