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What can improve Chicago's streets?

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Imagine, if you will, a city that features wide (and safe) sidewalks, an abundance of bike racks, bike workstations on street corners, and public gathering spaces with trees, landscaping and places to sit. What if that city was Chicago?

After gathering preliminary feedback, the Chicago Department of Transportation has launched a citywide text and online survey to seek input from Chicagoans regarding future improvements to Chicago’s public spaces.

Click here to take the online survey.

To participate via text message, read the following question and text your answer to (312) 800-1729. To take the survey in Spanish, text your response to (312) 757-6675:

“I’d like to see more _____ on Chicago’s streets.”
A: Trees & Landscaping
B: Seating
C: Public Gathering Spaces
D: Bike Amenities
E: Wider Sidewalks

You’ll receive a series of follow-up questions and a final “Thanks!” text — I received 10 texts in all — which will take about six minutes to complete.

Both the online and text message version of the survey close on March 9, 2015.