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Only 11 percent of Chicagoland residents ride transit to work.

Update on Lakefront Trail repair

Here is an update from the Chicago Department of Transportation on the lakefront trail repair:


As you may be aware, CDOT is performing repairs to the east sidewalk of the Lake Shore Drive bridge, which serves as the Lakefront Trail. During this repair, the sidewalk is closed.

The Trail is using the easternmost lane of northbound LSD, which has been barricaded off solely for Trail users. To better accommodate walkers, joggers, bicyclists and inline skaters, CDOT has:

–placed fiberglass panels over the open-grate bridge deck to provide a smooth, uninterrupted surface
–placed temporary asphalt ramps to ease the transition from street to sidewalk at each end
–installed a metal guardrail to separate the temporary Trail from the traffic lane (this work should be finished by day's end.)

The attached photo shows the temporary Trail section on the bridge.

The sidewalk repair was necessitated by an incident around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday. While moving the bridge to perform adjustment, a mechanical piece froze and a 10-foot section of the sidewalk broke off. We immediately began making accommodations for the Trail detour, and it reopened Tuesday afternoon.

We don't yet know how long the repair will take, but as soon as it's completed we will reopen the regular Trail.

Feel free to distribute this info, which we have posted on our web site.

Thank you,

Brian Steele
Chicago Department of Transportation