Did You Know?

Nearly five children are hit by people driving every day in Illinois while walking or biking within one block of a school.

Take that, Jazzercise! Cycling now official exercise in Illinois

Some victories are truly impactful, like the top ten 2017 stories we recently described. 

Others are more symbolic and/or fun, like passage of a new law that makes cycling the state of Illinois’ official exercise. Like the Cardinal being the state bird, the designation is largely symbolic although it could help make the case for good cycling legislation.

We hope it will, because Active Trans is planning to make a concerted push for more biking and walking money in the next state budget, perhaps aided by passage of a new capital infrastructure bill. 

Currently, the state spends very little of its own money on biking and walking, relying largely on federal pass-through funds.

We also plan to advocate for a new law that requires a basic level of biking and walking education in school PE or health classes.  

The exercise bill was sponsored by Elaine Nekritz, who recently resigned from the state legislature. Elaine had been the leading advocate in the state legislature for biking and walking, and we are happy that she will lobby in Springfield on our behalf this year.


Note: Thanks to John Greenfield’s witty tweet for the Jazzercise headline.