Did You Know?

The Chicago region’s current hub-and-spoke transit system leaves nearly half a million Cook County residents stranded in transit deserts.

Share your thoughts with IDOT about state transportation policy

The Illinios Department of Transportation (IDOT) is developing a new state transportation plan. The new plan, which should be completed by the end of December, sets policy and identifies key issues to be addressed in Illinois over the next 20 years. The state is required to update its plan every five years./

For the new plan, IDOT is looking to include innovative approaches. The plan will place a new emphasis on sustainable transportation, identify opportunities for better connections between transportation modes and support businesses through smart transportation investment.

IDOT is currently asking for public feedback through an online survey, which will take about 15 minutes of your time. Questions cover your preferred way to get to work, what kinds of places you travel to and the kinds of trips you make, and better yet, how to fund it (hint, hint …congestion pricing).

Let IDOT know what you think!