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Routes & lights set for Bike to Film! – "Breaking Away" Thursday night

You've got your Cutters jersey, duct tape for your pedals, tire pump to ward off a scheming Italian racing team, cycling cap (tucked under your helmet, of course) and you're almost set for Bike to Film! this Thursday night (Aug. 5) in Park Forest, Ill., featuring the Oscar-winning movie Breaking Away.

Still on your checklist:

  1. Route to the movie in Park Forest
  2. Head light for the ride home
  3. Semi truck to draft
  4. One scheming Italian racing team

Consider the first two handled—

1. Routes: Folks on Spokes has posted routes from all over the Southland, including a half dozen towns plus Flossmoor Brewery & Three Floyds Brewery in Munster, Ind. The route starting points make it easy to drive/or take transit part of the way and ride the rest, and to hook up with friends. While no semi trucks are allowed on Plank Road Trail, taking your bike on Metra or Pace for part of the route can slipstream your ride.

2. Lights: Bike crash attorney William Lazarus is donating Planet Bike Spok headlights with help from Frankfort bike shop Plank Road Cyclery. Bring your light if you have one—don't mooch from someone who needs one.

3. and 4. – enjoy the movie and review these references during the credits.

Showtime is 7 PM – leaving by 6-6:15 PM on most routes will give you plenty of time to arrive. RSVP on the event's Facebook page or to