Did You Know?

About one-third of all work trips in Chicago are comprised of people biking, walking, or riding public transit.

Ride N' Seek


Welcome to Ride ‘N Seek, the no-car-needed scavenger hunt brought to you by the Active Trans Associate Board.

From July 30 to August 11, adventurers will have the chance to explore the city by bike, transit, and walking.

Snap answers to car-free clues, earn points and have fun along the way!

At the end of the hunt, we’ll tally the points and award prizes to winners. All points gathered will also earn you raffle tickets at our Finish Line Party! 

Be sure to follow @activetrans on Instagram and check out the Associate Board Facebook page for updates and more info.

Here are the Ride N Seek clues (PDF). You can also access them as a Google Doc. 


How to play:


1. Register beginning Wednesday, July 19th!  Registration is free for Active Trans members and $5 for non-members. Registration entitles you to entrance to our Finish Line Party! (details will be emailed to you)

  • You can participate as an individual or a team of up to 4 people.
  • If you’re part a team, be sure to include your team name when you register.
  • Upon registration, you’ll get your first clue. The remaining clues will be released to registered participants on July 30 at 12:01 a.m.

2. From Wednesday, July 30 – Friday, August 11, find as many hunt items as possible and post your pics on Instagram.

  • All submissions must include the following hashtags: 
  • #RNSActiveTrans;
  • The corresponding item hashtag (#RNS1, #RNS2, etc.);
  • #Your team name 
  • Each item is worth a specific number of points, which will be noted on the hunt list.
  • Completed hunt items will only be counted once per team (i.e., no additional points if two team members post the same item).
  • Be sure to follow @activetrans on Instagram for bonus chances to earn points!

3. Winners will be announced via email after scores have been tabulated. Winners will be able to pick up their prizes at the Active Trans office (Between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.; M-F) beginning August 21. Awards will be given for

  • Most points by a team
  • Most points by an individual
  • Best team name
  • Most creative photo




Do I need to have a team?

Nope! Feel free to play solo. There will be an award for the most points for an individual, regardless of whether they are on a team or not.


Do I or my team members need to be an Active Trans member to participate?

No, although members play for free and get 5 bonus points per member (toward final team score and extra raffle tickets)!


Can I participate if I don’t use Instagram? 

Sadly, no. But Instagram is free to use and it will give others the chance to see all the fun we’re having!


What if I don’t ride my bike or Divvy?

Fine by us! We want to promote our entire mission, which includes walking and transit. There are lots of clues that don't require a bike—but it might be a great chance for you to try Divvy out!


I think I’m going to use my car for some of these clues—how will you know!?

We’ll use our super secret bike/walk/transit powers and put a scavenger hunt curse on you! Just kidding! We won’t know, but you’ll still have to prove you went to our locations, many of which aren’t super car-friendly. Plus it’s just a game, don’t be that jerk.


If I want to register more than four people, can you do that for me?

Not for this version of Ride ‘N Seek, no. How about they make their own team and you can compete? 


I don’t see the clues—where are they?

One clue will be sent to you upon registration. The other clues will be released at 12:01 a.m. on July 30 to ensure a fair hunt—but keep an eye on our Instagram page and maybe you’ll gain an advantage! 


Who is the Active Trans Associate Board, anyway?

Just like the Justice League, we’re a super-secret society of Active Transportation advocates who want to supercharge our mission across the city. Aside from our commitment to sidewalks, bike lanes and better buses and trains, we mostly work, go to school and have meetings at the Active Trans office or bars and parks across the city. We are responsible for organizing events like Ride ‘N Seek, storytelling, trivia nights and other fun stuff. Interested in learning more or joining us? Email and we’ll talk!


You didn’t answer my question!

Sorry about that—please email and we’ll try and sort you out. No early hints!!