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A bicycle commuter who rides four miles to work, five days a week, avoids 2,000 miles of driving and about 2,000 pounds of CO2 emissions each year.

REI unveils new bike app for iPhone

This just in from REI:


I’m writing as an employee of REI to give a heads-up to bike commuters all over Chicago about a new, free bike-commuting application we just announced for iPhones. If you have a second-generation iPhone (with GPS capability), we suggest you check it out and download it!


With the goal of getting more people on bikes and fewer people visiting the gas pump, REI’s new application helps you track, view, and share your bicycling experiences. Whether it’s a daily commute, or a long training ride with friends, the customizable App allows you to view your bicycling progress including location, average speed, distance, elevation, compass heading, time elapsed and calories burned. Additionally, you can pinpoint your location, save bicycle mileage, upload geotagged photos to document the ride (or share with friends), measure gas savings as well as individual CO2 offset.


We hope it will be a great tool for everyone who’s already pedaling to work and a great inspiration for more people to leave their cars behind. We’d enjoy hearing about your experience and reading your comments on this post to let us know how this App works for you. We’re always interested to make new and better tools to boost bicycling and we’d appreciate your thoughts and insights on how to do this.