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Public transit users take 30 percent more steps and spend roughly eight more minutes walking each day than drivers.

Protect our kids: support Safe Routes to School

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Every day in Illinois, five children are hit by a vehicle within one block of a school.

Many of these crashes lead to life altering injuries and some are tragically fatal. 100 percent of them are preventable.

Today we’re asking you to join us in saying: enough is enough. 

Please click the link below to email your state representative to tell him or her the people of Illinois want Safe Routes to School for our children.

Unsafe streets near schools not only put kids at risk of injury, but also keep them from getting necessary exercise in the form of walking and biking to school. With few options for physical activity, we’re facing a childhood obesity epidemic in Illinois, which threatens to rob our kids of a healthy future.

The Safe Routes to School program funds a proven combination of educational activities and infrastructure improvements that encourage more kids to walk and bike to school. But Illinois’ Safe Routes to School program does not have the funding it needs to prevent dangerous crashes near schools and provide healthy options for physical activity.

Join us in calling for change. Click here to send a letter to your state representative.