Did You Know?

Nearly five children are hit by people driving every day in Illinois while walking or biking within one block of a school.

Pedaling playwright arrives in Chicago this weekend!

Summer is a great time for bike rides… across the country! Or at least that's that NYC-based playwright, Tim J. MacMillan says.

Tim's play Soul Mates Don't Die will be going up in the Chicago Fringe Festival this September.

To raise the last bit of cash that he needs to put up the show, he has been biking the 801 miles from NYC to Chicago. Tim arrives on Sunday – for updates on the last leg of his journey, visit his blog.

Tickets for Tim's show, are priced reasonably ($10 per ticket and $5 to get a button that gets you into the Fest from 9/1-11) on sale now.

Hope to see you there!