Did You Know?

Nearly five children are hit by people driving every day in Illinois while walking or biking within one block of a school.

Mobility justice resources for Chicago Bike Week and beyond

During this year’s Chicago Bike Week and Bike Challenge, we have an additional challenge for you: Get informed! Bike Week is a perfect time to inform yourself about the role biking plays in mobility and racial justice.

How can we ensure that our streets and public spaces feel safe and are safe for everyone? How can we ensure that our advocacy efforts for better biking center the voices of Black and Brown people and those who have experienced violence on our streets? How can our transportation systems better support and uplift the needs of those who have been historically marginalized and oppressed by systemic racism, white supremacy, and inequity?

How can each of us as individuals do our part?

One place to start is by listening to and learning from those who have been leading the fight for mobility and racial justice for many years. The Transportation Choices Coalition (TCC) created an anti-racist and mobility justice resource list that we highly recommend.

Using TCC’s list and suggestions from Active Trans staff, below are several recommended books, articles, and podcasts/videos on biking and mobility justice to get you started:

Books: Choose a book and dive in! Ask a friend or family member to read it with you. If you’re in a book club, add one of these books to your upcoming reading list.

Articles & Reports: During Chicago Bike Week, challenge yourself to read a new article on mobility justice every day. Better yet, turn it into a habit. Keep reading, learning, and informing yourself even beyond Bike Week.

 Videos & Podcasts: Take a lunch break and watch or listen to one of these informative talks. 

Take a look at more of our resources for Chicago Bike Week.

Photo courtesy of WTTW.