Did You Know?

About one-third of all work trips in Chicago are comprised of people biking, walking, or riding public transit.

Metra: We’re not gonna take it anymore!

/Here at Active Trans, we’re keeping the pressure on Metra. After hearing your stories about waiting for late trains in frigid temperatures and other problems caused by poor communication and mechanical mishaps, we’re pushing them to put riders first this year.

We sent a letter to new CEO Don Orseno and new Board Chairman Martin Oberman outlining some priorities for 2014.

Add your voice to ours; send this letter to Metra’s new leadership.

Here’s what putting riders first means to us:

• Trains that arrive on time everyday-even weekends
• Clear and accurate communication about service online and at stations
• Technological upgrades including Wi-Fi, Ventra, and real-time updates
• More frequent service and expanded train lines, because one train every 2 hours isn’t enough
• Complete stations that are easy to get to by biking, walking, transit or car.

Some of these are big plans, and Metra might not be able to tackle them alone so we’re not letting our elected officials off the hook either. They need to invest in Metra so we can see the change we need.

Help us keep the pressure on! Tell Metra and our elected officials we’re ready for better service.