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Nearly five children are hit by people driving every day in Illinois while walking or biking within one block of a school.

Make your neighborhood a walkable winter wonderland

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One of the pillars of the Active Trans' mission is making it safer and easier for anyone to walk in a community. Now that snow has returned to Chicagoland, it's time for a reminder about the easiest way to support that mission: Shovel!

It’s the right thing to do and in some places—including Chicago—it’s the law. If your Chicago business or organization does an excellent job of keeping the sidewalks clear of snow and ice, the City of Chicago and the Mayor's Pedestrian Advisory Council (MPAC) want to recognize you. 

Businesses and organizations may apply for recognition, and supporters may also nominate candidates by calling the Winter Wonder Nomination line at 312.744.5819 or completing the 2014-2015 online nomination form through March 15, 2015.

Winners will be listed on the CDOT website and will receive an award signed by the MPAC co-chairmen.

Top nominees will be awarded based on number of nominations, photos and social media mentions. Businesses and organizations can promote their participation by displaying this Winter Wonder Participation Poster.

Support Active Trans' mission

Clear sidewalks are important for everyone who uses sidewalks, but they are especially important for seniors, people with disabilities and children. Snow or ice-covered sidewalks force people to travel in the street—a thoroughly dangerous enterprise.

Uncleared sidewalks may even discourage people from walking at all. When people can't walk easily to a destination, they might opt for making an unnecessary car trip or, in some cases, residents may be prevented from making a needed trip to the doctor's office or the grocery store.

We want you to thank people for shoveling their sidewalks, or to remind them to do so. Active Trans designed fliers you can distribute in your community to do just that. Download the fliers here

City of Chicago resources

If you live in Chicago and see a snowy sidewalk, you can report it to 311, Chicago's city services hotline, or report it online. If calling outside of the city, dial 312.744.5000.

The city also has a website dedicated to winter resources, including a snow plow tracker and volunteer resources to help shovel sidewalks for those who can't. 

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