Did You Know?

Roughly every three days, one person biking or walking is killed by someone driving a car in the Chicago region.

Looking forward to 2010

As our office closes down for the holiday (we'll be back 1/4/2010), I've pulled together a quick look forward to Active Trans’ 2010 Goals. Come be a part of the excitement of our 25th Year.

  • Launch Mobility Education in Chicago’s High Schools
  • Launch new campaign to support big, bold and innovative infrastructure in the City of Chicago
  • Establish future of Open Streets
  • Finalize new strategic objectives for next three to five years
  • Win a new transportation bill in DC
  • Win HB43, the must stop bill for pedestrians in Springfield
  • Publish a great new regional bicycle map
  • Engage new members, grow membership, and build a regional power base
  • Win new Complete Streets policies throughout the region starting in Highland Park and NW Indiana
  • Break ground on the Navy Pier Flyover
  • Launch new campaign to reduce speeds regionally
  • Finish our year off with a 25th Birthday Celebration at Bike Town Bash.